Ayahuasca Resort Shipibo Peru

by madoliver®

La Perla is a wonderful resort, a 15 minutes’ boat ride away from the port of Yarinacocha (Pucallpa).

The resort is situated by the Lago Yarinacocha (Rio Ucayali), surrounded by primeval jungle. For many years tourists from all over the world have come here to gain Ayahuasca experience.

We have our own house for ceremonies (Maloka) on the premises.

The ceremonies will be held by shamans of the Shipibo culture. Accommodation is provided in separate bungalows or in lodging rooms in our main building.
All Bungalows and lodging rooms have shower and toilet facilities, there is also a common room for sharing meals, communicating, making music and much more.

We can organize boat rides, a perfect way to experience nature.

A ten minutes walk will take you to a small zoo with local animals and reptiles, where there is also a swimming facility with a 25 meter pool.